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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I re-vamped my Youtube channel.

My youtube channel used to be about my struggles. Lots of depressing videos, shit like that. Now, since I'm better (Thank God- without him I would be no where) I want to help others. If anyone has any questions for me, suggestions on topics, whatever, leave a comment here, on youtube, in my pm box on youtube, where ever.


  1. Oh my gosh look how awesome you look
    look at your skin!
    sweetheart I am so so proud of you
    you deserve wellness and hope and life so so much
    Can you email me your address? or pm me it on facebook
    I love you heaps and Im in awe of you xxxx

  2. You look completely amazing my girl <3

  3. And, oh, YOU ARE AMAZING, I am so proud of you <3


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