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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 3 challenges

Challenge 1, Day 3:
Your Father

This is my Daddy. This picture was taken on my 20th birthday. I was fresh out of treatment, and about to go eat my first (and very scary) mexican food. My dad is the number one man in my life. When I was younger, and sometimes even now, we have hard times. I am just like my dad. I got my intelligence, curly hair, blue eyes, and temper from him. Because we are so similar, tempers sometimes flair, and sometimes it get ugly. However, I love him to death. He's a good man, but sometimes an asshole, lol. He's very good to me. He gave me a job that I love, a roof over my head, and a lot of love along the way. He's my great protector. He will do anything in his power for me to be happy, and I love him a lot.

Challenge 2, Day 3:

Favorite TV show:

This award has to go to Law and Order SVU and House MD. I also love Kate + 8, Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, and most crime shows. :)

Challenge 3, Day 3:

A picture of me and my friends:

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